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Quix Streams Tutorials

This folder contains a few basic application patterns with accompanying walkthroughs to get you started with the Quix Streams library.

Running a Tutorial

Should you wish to run one of the tutorials, follow the instructions as listed at the bottom of it's ./

Besides a Kafka instance to connect to, most of them likely fit the pattern of:

pip install quixstreams

python ./path/to/

python ./path/to/

Running Kafka Locally

First, make sure you have docker-compose installed. Then:

  1. Download this docker-compose file to a preferred location
  2. From its directory, do docker-compose up -d

It sets up everything automatically, running it in the background!

  • You can connect your Kafka clients via localhost:9092
  • It has a helpful UI at http://localhost:9021
    • allows you to easily inspect and manage topics

When finished, do docker-compose down from the download location to kill it.