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Aiven for Apache Kafka® is a fully managed distributed data streaming platform, deployable in the cloud of your choice.

Quix fully supports using Aiven for your Kafka broker. Quix adds value by providing powerful, but simple to use, stream processing capabilities in Python.


Quix setup guide

To obtain the Service URI:

  1. Navigate into your Kafka Service.

  2. Look for the URI in the Connection information section.

  3. Set your Cluster Size. This number is used to limit the replication factor of the topics.


    You'll find it in the Services overview section of your Aiven account.

To complete the SASL authentication information:

  1. Make sure that SASL is enabled in the Advanced Configuration section.

  2. Copy the user and password from the Connection information section.

To configure the SSL/TLS encryption section:

  1. You must provide a CA Certificate file (zip, pem or cart) containing the Certification Authority certificate.


You can also choose to synchronize topics. This will make any Aiven topics you might have available in your Quix environment.

When all information has been provided click the Test Connection button.