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Confluent Cloud is a resilient, scalable, streaming data service based on Apache Kafka®, delivered as a fully managed service. Confluent Cloud has a web interface called the Confluent Cloud Console, a local command line interface, and REST APIs.

Quix fully supports using Confluent Cloud for your Kafka broker. Quix adds value by providing powerful, but simple to use, stream processing capabilities in Python.


Quix setup guide

To obtain the API key and API secret:

  1. In Confluent Cloud, click the Data integration tab, and choose the API keys page.

  2. Click Add key to create a new key and secret.

  3. Choose Global access and click Next.

  4. Copy the API key and the API secret.

To obtain the Cluster ID, Bootstrap server and REST endpoint:

  1. Click the Cluster Overview tab and choose Cluster Settings.

  2. Copy the information into the Quix Connect your managed broker dialog as required.


You can also choose to synchronize topics. This will make any Confluent topics you might have available in your Quix environment.

When all information has been provided click the Test Connection button.