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Add an InfluxDB v2 source connector

You learned how to install an Influx connector in the InfluxDB Quickstart. But instead of installing the InfluxDB v3 source connector, you now need to install the InfluxDB v2 source connector.

This connector will poll your InfluxDB v2 database, and read all data, and publish it to the output topic.

Set the environment variables

You'll need to configure the following credentials for your source connector:

Environment Variable Description
output Output topic. Add a new topic called influxdb-v2-data.
INFLUXDB_DATABASE Database name in InfluxDB where the data is stored. In InfluxDB this is also called a bucket.
INFLUXDB_HOST Host address for the InfluxDB instance. Default:
INFLUXDB_ORG Organization name in InfluxDB.
INFLUXDB_TOKEN Authentication token to access InfluxDB. Configure as a secret type, so that your token is never revealed.
INFLUXDB_MEASUREMENT_NAME The "table" name, in this case measurement1.
task_interval The polling period for queries of the database. Set this to 1s (one second) to ensure you see any new data promptly (this make testing a little easier as you don't need to wait too long for updates).

To see more documentation on these variables, and examples, you can refer to the detailed README.

InfluxDB terminology
InfluxDB General database
Bucket Database
Measurement Table
Point Row
Field Column
Tag Metadata


If you need help on configuring environment variables or secrets, the please refer to the documentation.

When you have completed the configuration, deploy the service.

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