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Quix Tour

Welcome to the Quix Tour!

The Quix Tour is designed to help you build a complete stream processing pipeline with Quix in less than 20 minutes.


To complete the Quix Tour you'll need the following:

  1. Complete the Quickstart.
  2. (Optional) A free Vonage API account.

CPU overload detection pipeline

The pipeline you implement in this tour:

  1. Ingest - you publish data from your laptop into Quix using the Quix client library, Quix Streams. You're going to publish your real-time CPU load. You could alternatively publish data from a CSV file, or any other source required for your use case.


    You completed this part already in the Quickstart.

  2. Process - in this part, you process your data. Here you create a transform service that performs threshold detection. You publish messages to the transform's output topic.

  3. Serve - when you receive a message indicating CPU load has exceeded the threshold you (optionally) send an SMS to the system administrator.


The components in the pipeline are connected together by Kafka topics.

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