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Create an external source

At this point, you have completed the Quickstart, and you have an external program sending data into Quix, and it is writing into a topic.

However, you can't currently see this in the Pipeline view. To help you visualize what you've created, you add an external source component, to provide a visual entity in the pipeline view.

How to add an external source

To add an external source:

  1. Go to the pipeline view.
  2. Click + New in the top right corner of the view.
  3. Select External source.
  4. In Output select the topic you are going to publish to, or add a new topic with + Add new. In this case select the cpu-load topic.
  5. In Name type any suitable name, such as "Laptop CPU Load".
  6. Click Add external source.

The external source now appears in the pipeline view as a reminder (visual cue) as to the nature of the source generating the data for this topic.

🏃‍♀️ Next step

Build a transform service to process your data!

2. Process your data