A tool for building event streaming applications

For Software Engineers who want to build data-intensive systems that scale.

Get started in minutes without the complex setup or configuration that comes with managing containers and running your own message broker.

Focus on building

No need to rely on other teams, burn time on building complicated infrastructure, or learning new technologies.

Accelerate your event streaming development

We made it easy to develop apps and release them into production with a unique set of features

Product - develop.

👷 Develop

A few clicks. That's all it takes to deploy a Kafka-powered event streaming app on Quix using Git, Docker and serverless computing.

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Use your own infrastructure

Use Quix managed infrastructure or connect to your own. Bring your own broker and Git or run Quix in your own cloud or on-premise.

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Free open-sourced connectors & code samples

Develop faster with our library of open-source connectors and code samples. Connect to external sources and add functions to process streams in your code.

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Use Python to process streams and get ML predictions

Code in pure Python with Quix Streams, a stream processing library that introduces Streaming DataFrames to unlock the full potential of real-time AI using the Python ecosystem.

Product - release.

🚀 Release

Quix is designed around the concept of Infrastructure-as-Code. Develop and run streaming applications with a single source of truth powered by Git.

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Integrate with your CI/CD workflow

Get the benefits of Git within Quix: automation, and version control. Define the settings of your app in a config file and synchronise with your Infra with a single operation.

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Stage & replay

Test and stage your changes before you release. Use our data replay feature to stream historic production data earlier in the development process.

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Multi-environment support

Quix has baked-in CI/CD and DevOps best practices. Get code into production fast and safely, by branching and merging to any environment: dev, testing or production.

Product - observe.

👀 Observe

Quix offers a suite of observability tools designed to give you in-depth insights into your event-driven architecture. With build logs, runtime logs, and message inspection capabilities, Quix lets you keep an eye on the pulse of your applications, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

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Dive into service-specific metrics

For each service, access a comprehensive dashboard that brings together crucial metrics and logs. Monitor broker topics, deployment logs, CPU, and memory usage in one unified view. Visualise the data flow across various topics to troubleshoot issues or optimize performance.

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Visualise your project

The pipeline view provides a graphical snapshot of your application's architecture. It highlights how each component is interconnected, aiding in effective orchestration and management. This focus on observability enables you to quickly spot bottlenecks or irregularities that might need attention.

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Go from observation to iteration

By having your service logs integrated into your development environment, it’s simple to go beyond mere observation. Spot an issue in the logs? You can go straight to the source code in a couple of clicks, making the debugging process as seamless as possible.

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