Environmental statement

We at Quix acknowledge our responsibility to help protect the planet and are committed to minimizing our company’s impact on the environment. We’re focused on implementing carbon-reducing measures that improve operational performance and reduce emissions that harm land, water, air, and animals.

Climate policy guidelines

To reduce our carbon footprint we:

  • Measure and analyze our carbon emissions using a third-party assessment framework
  • Evaluate and adopt measures for carbon offsetting, such as planting trees and cultivating algae, via certified gold-standard partners and reflect these costs in our annual budget
  • Incorporate energy-efficiency measures into our company’s facilities and promote efficient energy use in all areas of business activity
  • Encourage recycling and support the use of recycled products
  • Use sustainable transportation for business travel whenever practical
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among customers, suppliers and other business partners
  • Ensure everyone on our team understands the environmental impact of the hardware and software they use in work activities
  • Train and motivate everyone to minimize their waste and resource consumption when working from home or an office
  • Offer everyone two paid volunteer days per year, which they can use to support environmental causes and organizations

These guidelines are reviewed regularly and updated by the company’s management.