Don't build your own streaming data stack. Use ours.

Deliver real-time experiences without building complex streaming infrastructure. Build, test and deploy on the track-tested platform developed by F1 engineers.

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What can you build with Quix?

Real-time ML

Time-series data

Event-driven data

By developers for developers

Production-ready pipelines in days, not months

Imagine if data teams could work with real-time data to build features and ML models with pure Python. Then autonomously serve processed data back to production in real time with robust, scalable data pipelines. While platform teams retain full control and flexibility of the underlying infrastructure.

All this without re-engineering Python into Java, manually deploying to testing or production environments, or wasting time and money battling complex real-time infrastructure.

Quix lets you do just that.

The product

What makes Quix unique?

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Get a scalable, full-stack yet modular streaming platform.

Get a scalable, full-stack yet modular streaming platform

Quix is a modular platform to serve robust and scalable real-time data pipelines back to production, without losing control.

Choose your own infrastructure options across any cloud or on-prem vendor or self-hosted: we provide customers with a control plane and pre-built connectors to orchestrate any infrastructure environment they choose to provision.

Minimal configuration and easy debugging.

Develop faster with Pure Python

Ingest streaming data from anywhere and transform it with pure Python.

With Quix, you have a Python development environment for stateful stream processing that abstracts away the underlying complexity of streaming data (Kafka) and containers (Kubernetes) without needing to learn new technologies or languages.

Turn ML models into production ML systems with a single click.

Turn ML models into production ML systems with a single click

Quix leverages the best-in-class open-source solutions to build development- and production-ready pipelines where testing environments match the real world.

Reduce the time it takes to go from training ML models to production ML systems, without the hassle of re-engineering your code.


It’s free to get started

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Get your questions answered in our community Slack channel, chat with us face-to-face at an event, or contribute to our open source connectors on GitHub.