Get started with Quix Streams in less than a minute

Quix's open-source stream processing library is intuitive for engineers coming from batch tools like Pandas and Spark. It's as simple as:

Step 1

Install Quix Streams

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python3 -m pip install quixstreams
Step 2

Connect to Kafka and process streaming data with DataFrames

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from quixstreams import Application
import uuid

app = Application(
    broker_address="",  # Kafka broker address
    consumer_group=str(uuid.uuid4())  # Kafka consumer group
input_topic = app.topic("demo-onboarding-prod-chat", value_deserializer='json')

sdf = app.dataframe(input_topic)

sdf["tokens_count"] = sdf["message"].apply(lambda message: len(message.split(" ")))
sdf = sdf[["role", "tokens_count"]]

sdf = sdf.update(lambda row: print(row))