Hi, we’re Quix

We believe it will soon be essential for every business to immediately act on data — within milliseconds of its creation.

That’s the power of stream processing. That’s what we’re about.

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Our Story

Quix was founded by four Formula 1 engineers, who harnessed the power of data stream processing to make real time decisions.

From their experience at McLaren, they knew the value of streaming data. So they created Quix as a platform to empower developers and data scientists from all industries.

Quix helps data engineers manage the ever-greater volume and velocity of data. It makes streaming data easily accessible to Python professionals and ML models. And it lets developers build and test projects in an always-live environment, so code performs flawlessly throughout the production lifecycle.

Want to learn more? Request a chat with our CEO, Mike.

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Our values


We have fun together, and believe in the power of a team to deliver more than an individual. Everyone contributes to our shared success.


We are driven by curiosity and a passion to do better. We believe that passionate debate leads to the best outcome.


We value data; collecting and presenting evidence is how we optimize quickly. We automate where possible, investing in a system for long-term growth.


We believe that the best learning happens on the edge of our comfort zones, where failure is a regular occurrence. We are safe in the knowledge that together we will persevere.

Sounds like you?

Join us to bring more ideas to life faster.



Mike Rosam

CEO & Co-Founder

Contact Mike for:
Absolutely anything to do with Quix (or to chat about surfing, snowboarding, rugby, cats and food)
Tomas Neubauer

Tomáš Neubauer

CTO & Co-Founder

Contact Tomáš for:
Anything technical about Quix (or to chat about cycling, motorsport and good food)
Peter Nagy

Peter Nagy

Head of Platform & Co-Founder

Contact Peter for:
Any technical or infrastructure aspect of the platform (or to chat about board games, logic puzzles and sci-fi)
Patrick Mira Pedrol

Patrick Mira Pedrol

Head of Software & Co-Founder

Contact Patrick for:
Software architecture, design patterns and methodologies used in Quix (or to chat about motorsport, video games and strategy board games)
Agnese Sardella

Agnese Sardella

Chief of Staff

Contact Agnese for:
Anything related to the business, people and events (or to chat about travels, events and personal development)
Steve Rosam

Steve Rosam

Full-stack developer

Contact Steve for:
Pretty much anything Quix – if I don’t know the answer I’ll find out who does (or to chat about sourdough bread, pizzas and windsurfing)
Javier Blanco

Javier Blanco

Senior Data Scientist

Contact Javier for:
Any cool Data Science project you want to try with Quix (or to chat about football, chess and architecture)
Sadeep Madurange

Sadeep Madurange

Customer Success Engineer

Contact Sadeep for:
Technical details of designing, implementing and deploying solutions with Quix (or to chat about video games, books and why vim is clearly superior to emacs)
Quique Ruiz

Quique Ruiz

Site Reliability Engineer

Contact Quique for:
All Infrastructure aspects of the Quix platform (or to chat about football, classical music and boardgames)
Matt Lyver

Matt Lyver

Lead Visual Designer

Contact Matt for:
All visual aspects of the Quix brand identity and platform UI (or to chat about cooking, cricket, and pub garden drinking)
Almudena Castro

Almudena Castro

Lead Product Designer

Contact Almudena for:
Anything related with Quix user experience (or to chat about music, physics and cool data stories)
David Levy

David Levy

Senior Frontend Engineer

Contact David for:
The newest frontend technologies used in the implementation of the Quix platform (or to chat about music, travel, skiing and exotic food)
Chris Gilchrist

Chris Gilchrist

Frontend Engineer

Contact Chris for:
Anything related to the frontend of the Quix platform (or to chat about gaming, fitness and weight lifting)
Theo England

Theo England

Community Manager

Contact Theo for:
Anything related to the Quix community (or to chat about music, politics, or football)
Clara Hennecke

Clara Hennecke

Streaming Advocate

Contact Clara for:
Any streaming use case you are working on (or to chat about squash, asian food or the last book you read)
Ei Ei Tun

Hnin EiEi Tun

Talent Acquisition Lead

Contact Hnin EiEi for:
Recruiting, Talent Engagement, and Employer Branding (or to chat about boxing, LesMills Combat & Pump, books on self-discovery, cafe hopping, or a collection of make-up and nail art)
Krystof Muller

Kryštof Müller

Operations Coordinator

Contact Kryštof for:
Anything related to operations, finance and travels (or to chat about beer, cars, surfing and unsolved mysteries)
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